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Submitted on
January 14, 2013


4,362 (1 today)
26 (who?)
Winning Entries:

:iconpiaxx: with the entry #8 Edward Scissorhands by piaxx

Second Place:
:iconamoykid: with entry #9 2013-01-26 Queen's Hat by amoykid

Honorable Mentions:
:iconluh95: with entry #22 Valentine's Contest_Sally and Emily: strange love by Luh95
:iconfirewalker71: with entry #19 I'm so mad about you. . . by firewalker71
:iconamoykid: with entry #1 2013-01-15  Vampire Couple by amoykid

Contest Goal:
The goal for this contest is simple; create a piece of artwork of your favorite Tim Burton couple in honor of Valentine's Day. This couple can be "canon" - as in the couple was in the original storyline, or it can be a couple that you wish had ended up together. These couples can be from the same Tim Burton movie or can be characters taken from two separate Tim Burton movies. However, the two characters must both be Tim Burton characters. Entries with fancharacters, OCs, or self-inserts will not be accepted. Good luck everyone, be creative, and have fun!

:bulletpurple: Please follow the rules set up by deviantart & the club.
:bulletpurple: Fancharacters are not allowed in your entry.
:bulletpurple: Any medium is accepted.
:bulletpurple: You may submit more than one entry.
:bulletpurple: Keep your entry PG-13 or under.
:bulletpurple: The entry must be a NEW piece of work.
:bulletpurple: Submit your finished entry to the Contest folder otherwise it will not be counted.

Deadline: February 14, 2013

Voting: The winner of the contest will be decided by the club members through a voting process. Voting will begin now and continue for about 1-2 weeks depending on how many votes we receive and how quickly club members send in their votes. To vote for your favorite entry please send a NOTE to the club titled "Vote" or something equivalent to that, and place the number of your favorite entry in the message. EDIT: If you submitted an entry you can either vote for yourself or another entry.

:bulletpurple: Winning entry will be featured on the club's front page.
:bulletpurple: punkerfairie will donate a traditional drawing to the winner
:bulletpurple: EDIT:MischiefRaven will donate a digital art request and 200 :points: will instead donate 400 :points:, since she will not be able to do a digital art request due to some computer problems.
:bulletpurple: SaintCem will donate a digital art request
:bulletpurple: deridolls will donate her Corpse Bride doll. Winner must be willing to provide a shipping address.
:bulletpurple: JollyRotten will donate a digital art request and this Jack Skellington button. Winner must be willing to provide a shipping address for the button.
:bulletpurple: Crazyabby2012 will donate 300 :points:
:bulletpurple: xXDeadlyNightshadeXx will donate some points
:bulletpurple: Rainboom67 will donate a traditional drawing
:bulletpurple: WolfGirl6666 will donate a digital or traditional request and feature the winner for 2 weeks in her journal

*I am looking for members who are willing to donate prizes for the winners of the contest (places 1st-3rd). Points, drawing requests, features, etc. would all wonderful. If you'd like to help out you may comment here or send a message to either myself (punkerfairie) or the group. Note: Donating prizes will not disallow you from participating in the contest! Thank you. We should be good on prize donations now. Thanks to everyone who offered something!

1) 2013-01-15  Vampire Couple by amoykid by: amoykid
2) Who said love was sweet? by MischiefRaven by: MischiefRaven
3) Together in death by LuxBlack by: LuxBlack
4) Emily and Victor by BlackWinterRoseThorn by: BlackWinterRoseThorn
5) Victor and Victoria by HalloweenBride by: HalloweenBride
6) 2013-1-22 Sweet Honeymoon by amoykid by: amoykid
7) Happy Valentines Day by GroovyByDawn by: GroovyByDawn
8) Edward Scissorhands by piaxx by: piaxx
9) 2013-01-26 Queen's Hat by amoykid by: amoykid
10) Shave mister Burton ? by DarkDollArt by: DarkDollArt
11) :thumb350926653: by: Narome-Asylum21
12) Halloween Love by billywallwork525 by: billywallwork525
13) Lord Barkis and Emily by HalloweenBride by: HalloweenBride
14) Wedding Night by BlackWinterRoseThorn by BlackWinterRoseThorn
15) Victor and Emily Tango by CemeteryHillArt by: CemeteryHillArt
16) Just Another Valentines by Laura-Bosley by: Laura-Bosley
17) Jack and Sally by kawii-neko-chan by: kawii-neko-chan
18) Mad Love Blossoms by InkyRose by: InkyRose
19) I'm so mad about you. . . by firewalker71 by: firewalker71
20) why don't you kiss her? by littleredridinghood4 by: littleredridinghood4
21) Edward Sissorhands by littleredridinghood4 by: littleredridinghood4
22) Valentine's Contest_Sally and Emily: strange love by Luh95 by: Luh95
23) ~Skellington Bride~ by xDemgelicAi by: xDemgelicAi
24) The second wedding by Satananas by: Satananas
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Sarahalexis13 Mar 4, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
SamApeace Mar 4, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
So.... any winners yet? I mean Valentines day was like over 2 weeks ago?
Yes. Winners will be calculated and posted within the next few days. I wanted to give everyone ample time to cast their votes.
I look daily for the winner lol
AlwaysLoveJD Feb 20, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
I really like #1
Well, I don't know if I'm allowed to vote, but if:
VOTE FOR #8 because it's the one with the best tim burton feeling for me (the other ones are too cute... or.. crappy)
Mad-Milliner Feb 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
so true.
Sarahalexis13 Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
its so hard to decide!
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